Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use aluminum instead of steel in many of your lights?

Although aluminum is 50% more expensive than steel, it is much lighter and will never rust, even in outdoor environments. In addition, we can use a much thicker aluminum that looks more substantial and provides a better appearance. The same thickness of steel would be prohibitively heavy.

What Is The Minimum Order Amount?

There is no minimum order and we include ground shipping within the lower 48 contiguous US (mainland United States not including Alaska) on any order.

Warranty Information

We stand behind our lights and offer a 5 year unconditional warranty against any functional or cosmetic issues. We are happy to exchange or replace any product based on the issue and cover any return shipping costs for orders within that time frame. We are not responsible for any other costs such as installation or lost time costs.

Why do you use regular style bulbs instead of LED Modules?

No matter what you hear, LED bulbs do not last as long as companies claim and they are very susceptible to power surges and heat. Imagine buying 5 outdoor lights and in 4 years one of the modules goes bad. I can almost guarantee that the model light will be discontinued and there are never any parts available. Now you have to replace all the lights if you want them to look the same. And for what reason?

Do you offer Trade or Contractor Discounts?

We can offer discounts based on size of order. Larger orders ($1500 or more) can save on our shipping costs and we are happy to pass on the savings. For commercial customers that purchase from us on an ongoing basis, we can discuss special pricing, but the discounts are limited due to our already low prices.

What Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship around the world except to Africa or Eastern Europe. For countries other than the US, you would be responsible for any additional taxes, customs fees and shipping. We are happy to provide quotes for the country of your choice. Please contact us for more information. Payment types will vary for some international destinations.

How Long Have You Been Making Lights?

David has been designing and making lights since 1992. In 2016 he sold the original company, and spent a few years relaxing and doing custom lighting design work and product development before starting Pebble Creek Lighting in 2021.

Can You Make Custom Designs And Sizes?

Of course! Please contact us for more information but all we would need is your original artwork, designs and sizes that we can convert to dxf format to cut. We can also provide custom sizes and a wide range of powder coated colors. Costs range based on quantities and sizes but are usually much less than anywhere else.

Why Are Your Prices Lower Than Most Others?

We are a family business with very low overhead and work hard keeping our prices low so that our lights can be enjoyed by more people. Instead of selling through retail (or online) stores that mark the lights up 50 to 100%, we keep our prices low by selling direct through the website. We see our competition as lights coming from China, not American Made products typically two and three times the price of ours. When buying from us, you are buying directly from the artist and supporting American Made businesses.

How Long Have You Been Making Lights?

Over 30 years, we know all about lighting!

Do You Sell Customer Information?

Never. You will notice we do not even collect emails or have an email mailing list. It is a proven way to increase sales, but we value your privacy and time more than just making money. It's a very old fashioned way of doing business and we like it that way.

Why do you offer so many different wall sconce models and designs?

We love designing new models and being creative. By hand making every light, we have the ability to offer almost unlimited options which give our customers the ability to be creative and design the perfect light. Unlike mass produced lights found in most stores, every light we make is unique and a one-of-a-kind. Just one of our many advantages.

What Is The Normal Shipping Lead Time?

We strive to ship out orders as quickly as possible. Many models, such as our WL40 and WL42 lines, we stock pre-cut and can send out within 5-7 working days. Customized products normally ship within 25 working days. We Inventory THOUSANDS of lights to expedite shipping times and will let you know if orders are going to take longer than expected.

Where Are Your Lights Made?

We make all of our lights by hand in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

How Do Your Light Sizes Compare To Other Brands?

We size our lights for the best appearance, not to save money. Our smallest sizes are almost always the size of most other companies medium size. When you compare specifications, you will notice that their small size is around 9" tall by 6-7" wide while ours is around 11" tall by 8" wide. That is a big difference which makes our lights and even greater value.

Have The Latest Covid and Inflation Issues Impacted You?

We have been impacted directly in a wide variety of ways. Electrical sockets that cost $1.75 three years ago now cost $3.50 and are frequently out of stock. Steel prices have doubled, paint is up 60%, shipping costs are up 20% and even packing materials are up 40% in cost. Luckily we are a family business and do not have to worry about losing employees. But keeping costs down and prices low is still a daily struggle. Our prices are still a good 20 to 40% below anything even similar on the market and at levels we used to sell at 15 years ago.