Free Shipping or not Free Shipping

Free Shipping or not Free Shipping

Posted by David Massey on 16th Mar 2023

Offering free shipping on lighting is a difficult decision to make.  Of course customers love it and it has several advantages to the retailer also including foremost not having to compute the co … read more
Why is unique track lighting hard to find?

Why is unique track lighting hard to find?

22nd Feb 2023

Track lighting is a very versatile way of adding light both in very specific places and to illuminate whole rooms.  It is easy to add later to a room such as if there was only a ceiling light pre … read more

Where do we get our lighting ideas?

Posted by David on 18th Dec 2022

Designing lights is no different than any other artistic process; a combination of inspiration followed by hard work.  Being creative is hard, if not impossible to force. Some ideas pop into my h … read more

What is a Southwestern Style Light

10th Dec 2022

Southwestern style lighting covers a broad range of styles from Native American to Spanish and usually is a mix of both.  It tends to be hand made or at least look hand made, use a variety of … read more

Working on Thanksgiving

Posted by David on 4th Dec 2022

When you own your own small business, there is never a day off.  We work 7 days a week to keep up with both orders and prototypes. I work at the shop making the lights all day then come home and … read more