Nautical and Coastal Style Track Lighting

Nautical and Coastal Style Track Lighting

Nauticaland Coastal style track lighting with seahorses, crabs, dolphins, palm trees and fish.jpg

Enjoy beautiful Nautical and Coastal style track lighting made in USA. With over 16 unique designs, these exclusive track heads add a fun coastal, nautical, seashore and even tropical style to your home or business. Our track heads are hand-built and finished by artist Dave and Lisa Massey and come in a wide variety of finishes, sizes and bulb options including dolphins, starfish, shells, pelicans, seahorses, geckos, turtles and much more.  Mix and match the track head designs to add some fun to your nautical and coastal lighting decor. Starting at $36 including free shipping in the lower 48 states.

The normal manufacturing lead time to build a ceiling mount track head is around 2 weeks based on the size of your order. Wall mount versions and large sizes are closer to 4 weeks.

Our totally original nautical and coastal style track lighting is a great way to provide both precision or general lighting situation and is amazingly easy to install and expand as your needs change. These track lights are designed to be completely flexible and simple to maintain with the popular GU10 base bulbs. You will not find anything else even close to these lights at any price other than here, we guarantee it!

Track lighting is probably the easiest way to add more general and specific lighting in a room.  They use the most popular Halo track system and of course we also offer hand painted matching track and accessories for that perfect designer finish.  Best of all, they start at only $49 each!  We even include a free 50W Halogen equivalent dimmable LED bulb with every track head,  A $7 value, with every track head. 

​You can hook into one existing ceiling light and run up to 50 LED track lights!  The problem in the past has been a lack of nautical and coastal style track lights that were even remotely affordable. Since 99.999% of lights are made in China, the only track lighting available with extremely few exceptions, was either very contemporary or very boring, since they has to be mass produced and imported in vast numbers.  Our exclusive track heads change this situation by providing authentic, American Made lights that are reasonable priced and built to last.  In addition, they are fully  customizable in a wide variety of colors, designs lines and more.

Proudly Made in America